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Visualization of terminological information until three level

I had posted this idea while giving my feedback for the beta version of MultiTerm 2017. I hope, this is here the right place: I would like to have the possibility to visualize the terminological information until three level, i.e. language level, term level, attribute level (now, it is until two levels: language level and term level). Example with layout “Multiterm classic”:

In our database, which is very complex (grammatic, geographical usage, definitions, contexts, note at term level, note at concept level, collocations, etc.,), we have always to customize a default layout model to include a third level, i.e. the attribute level, as shown in the following screenshot: Example with a customized layout:

In the following, it is shown how the data are visualized with a customized layout consisting of three levels:


It would be very useful to have this possibility also in the other default layouts as “Full layout” or “Multiterm classic”.