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Add support for merging different versions of the Passolo project file

Would it be possible for you to abandon the binary format for the Passolo project file? Because currently it's not possible to merge to versions of the same project file and pick those items you want for the final merged project file. When managing the translation life-cycle using tools such as Git, being able to merge is a key component.

For an example using Git, let's say that you have released your translations (merged to master) and tagged it as version 1.0. This allows you to keep working on your next product release on your development branch. However, 3 months after the release you need to do a hot-fix, hence you branch your previous release and apply the fix, verify it and merge back to master as 1.1. However, it is currently not possible to merge those same changes into the development branch, because that merge would overwrite all changes on develop since you 1.0 release. If the project file was stored as a text format instead of a binary format this would be possible. Instead, what we need to do now, is to manually apply that fix on each current branch.

Kind regards, Johan Johansson @ Elekta

  • Hi @all,

    any news on this idea?

    Unfortunately, jira.sdl.com/.../PAS-1976 isn't reachable (anymore).

    To be able to merge different versions of the Passolo project file would still be very, very helpful.

    Kind regards and thanks in advance for a short update.


  • Huge +1 for me here. as soon as you need to merge lpu between branches its a nightmare.
    also tracking changes to fix issues is impossible from version control as it is a binary format.

  • I would like to add that development environments, such as Visual Studio, define their project settings in text formats, which allows for easy merging of code in Git and for editing in the tools of a developers choice. Another benefit with opening these formats up is making it possible for tool integration, where developers are able to integrate your products into their development environments and CI/CD pipelines as per their needs. Additionally, an open format makes it possible for the community to contribute with useful tools, which then gives you additional buy-in from users and offloads your development teams.

  • Florina,

    I am not sure about the details for a Git connector solution for ManTra/TMS, which makes it difficult to provide an answer to your question. But if you are trying to resolve this by dividing the responsibilities and placing parts outside of the Git repository then no, it would not help.

    The Git repository encapsulates the life-cycle management, including release traceability, through its commit and branch management. If parts are placed outside of that control you are no longer able to seamlessly recreate something from the past; you would have to juggle two different ways of managing life-cycles for each release definition.


    Johan J