Apply current filter to all open stringlists


The scenario is I have a Passolo project with 20 target languages.

I need to perform the same operation against each of the 20 languages which involves setting a filter.

Currently, I open the first string list, apply the filter and do the work. Then I have to open the second string list apply the filter and repeat the work. Repeat for the remainder of the 18 string lists.

For me (and maybe others) it would be more efficient to open all 20 string lists, set a filter, and via a new button or tick box etc, "Apply" the same filter to each open string list.

Moving between string lists will automatically apply the same filter without having to manually apply the filter each time.

Closing the string list will remove the filter from that string list.

If a user does not use the new "Apply" button then it will work as it currently does.

There would need to be a means for removing the filter from all string lists too.