Under Community Review

Counting characters during translation must also consider the number characters of tagged elements in the translation view

To ensure that these strings will not be clipped at runtime, we added meta information regarding max line count and max char count. Also we changed via inline patterns some terms into inline tags to protect them from being translated. The character count in Passolo is necessary for the translator to check how much characters can be inserted in a line according to the meta data - but it doesn’t work as expected. Each inline tag is counted only with 1 character. This is not correct because in the generated target files the characters of the inline tags still count (cause they are displayed) and in consequence the strings could be clipped in the User interface.

When I check the string via the “checking translations … “ dialogue the character count per line is correct – but when the string is too long there is no output of how many characters. 


Soluton: The calculation's output  in the translators view must consider the characters of  tagged elements  as it is implemented  in the check function.