Under Community Review

Enhance the functionality of the inline patterns option

Some basic validation would help. You can't end a list of pattern text with the pipe | character - but this is an easy mistake to make if you're adding several text items to a pattern. This causes a Passolo out-of-memory error. It would be helpful if instead, when you tried to save the pattern, Passolo validated it and told you to delete the extra | character.

It would be good to have the option to copy changes to project patterns back to the custom patterns that they were created from.

The ability to export the patterns to a text file (and import patterns) for ease of sharing and checking. Yes, they're saved in a settings.ini file - but users have no control over the file name or location of the ini file.

Make the Inline Patterns dialog wider - I have to scroll across my 'Text to search' box after adding only a few text items.

Provide a way in the Inline Patterns dialog to rearrange the order of the list of patterns.