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Improve the image management

When you open a file (chm or rc or resx) with an image (.jpg, .png ..) the filter to see if the image it's not translated working in the interface and in the macro (prj.TransLists.Item(1).Resource(6).State(pslStateTranslated) 

also when you importbinary, I will like to be able to untranslated the image like the string (press a button only) and have the translated state set to false.


  • See also:  how to Untranslated an image from a macro ?  

    Passolo was developed for the localization of strings in graphical user interfaces. It contains a few helper functions that can be used to modify and replace images, but it does not have true image localization functions due to limitations of the underlying data model.

    Extending the data model to better support image localization is of course possible, but involves some investment, which is decided by product management. In addition, internal conversion functions would have to be implemented that can convert old project repositories LPU accordingly.