Idea Delivered Partially

Leveraging translations from another target language variant within the same project


In Passolo, the source language is en-US and we have strings lists in en-GB for British spelling. I am adding en-NZ and en-AU languages and I would like to prepopulate the New Zeland and Australian strings list with the contents of the en-GB file.

So I open the Australian string list and I select Home > Leverage, then I pick the current project from the "Read data from" dropdown list. The following leverage options are used:

When I click OK, no matches are found. 

However, if I split the project files so that I end up with project1 containing en-GB as a target language and project 2 containing en-AU and en-NZ, then I can leverage the en-GB translations from project 1 into the en-AU translation lists in project 2. It works but I wish I didn't have to create additional project files. Maybe I am missing a trick. It seems to me it would be useful to be able to select a specific locale to leverage data from in the above screen and maintain all English language variants within the same project.



  • Leverage is a function that always needs another project where you are leveraging from. Therefore the described approach with a split or copied project is not the missing trick, but the correct solution approach to achieve what you are looking for.

    As always there are other solution approaches and I remember that I implemented a macro that copied translations from one to another language in the project. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find it in my archives.