Passolo filter dialog: Possibility to sellect single term/word with doubleclick


I'd like to request the possibility to be able to mark a single word with a double click in the Passolo filter dialog ("Filter strings that match Basic expression").

At the moment, if you have i. e. the filter string "instr(.SourceText, "Test") > 0" and make a double click on the word "Test", not only this word is selected, but the term including the quotation marks and the closing bracket is selected. In my opinion, this is a little bit impractical. I'd prefer, that only the term you'd like to filter for, would be selected. That would make it a lot easier, to change the term, you'd like to filter for. And it would better fit the "normal" use of a double click.

Passolo filter settings dialog showing 'instr(.SourceText, "Test") > 0' with the word 'Test' and surrounding characters highlighted, labeled 'As it is now.'

Passolo filter settings dialog showing 'instr(.SourceText, "Test") > 0' with only the word 'Test' highlighted, labeled 'As I like it to be.'