To have an option to set Translate properties for any non-translatable elements when using XML parser in Passolo

Currently there is no option to set Translate properties for any non-translatable elements when using XML parser in Passolo while there is such option when using XML or XLIFF parsers in Trados Studio.

For example, In an XML file, when some children elements are non-translatable while its parent element is translatable. Without the option to set translatable element in Passolo, all children elements in this example will be opened for translation. 

See sample codes below. The localization requirement is only texts tagged with source element is localizable. Any elements inside source element are not localizable.  In the sample below, only the first source element contains localizable texts " Commit Action ", while the 2nd source element has no translatable texts.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<xliff version="2.0" xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:xliff:document:2.0" srcLang="en">
<file id="ngi18n" original="ng.template">

<unit id="5621597867547268354">
<note category="location">src/app/administration/administration.component.html:8</note>
<note category="description">Tab title</note>
        <source><pc id="0" equivStart="START_TAG_SPAN" equivEnd="CLOSE_TAG_SPAN" type="other" dispStart="&lt;span *ngIf=&quot;!commitActionRobot&quot;&gt;" dispEnd="&lt;/span&gt;"> Available </pc> Commit Action </source>


<unit id="8557447174781948942">
<note category="location">src/app/administration/administration.component.html:20</note>
<note category="location">src/app/administration/oauth-client-secret/oauth-client-secret.component.html:15</note>
<note category="description">Tab title</note>
        <source><pc id="0" equivStart="START_LINK" equivEnd="CLOSE_LINK" type="link" dispStart="&lt;a



        mat-button&gt;" dispEnd="&lt;/a&gt;">Toggle all</pc></source>


Based on the current options in the XML parser, the following texts tagged with pc elements are opened for translation. This will cause over-translation in the localized XML files.

1. Available 

2. Toggle all

  • Some additional feedback from my end:

    • Passolo uses its rule based XML parser for this file. There in no dedicated XLIFF parser.
    • The inbuilt rule for XLIFF files was created for XLIFF 1.2, the file you provided is XLIFF 2.0
    • In general, <pc> elements in XLIFF 2.0 do contain translatable data, so there is nothing wrong with the observed behavior.

    A simple tip to solve this is to adapt your current rule. If all your embedded <pc> elements should not be translated, open the data element for <source> and activate that embedded elements are split and evaluated.

    Passolo XML Data Element settings window with 'Split data' option highlighted under 'Embedded elements' section.

    Then I just see one single entry to be translated:

    Passolo 'All strings' window showing a single entry with ID '5621597867547268354' and text '-Commit Action-' to be translated.

  • Thanks for sharing your idea. Really appreciated that. It works as expected. 

    This file has been translated in Passolo since it was firstly localized but the new "pc" element was newly introduced to the file. To maintain the same leverage, we tried to see if Passolo could offer this option instead of changing to use a different translation tool.

  • It is possible to prep by Studio with an XML setting, as in your example -- the prepped file will extract just localizable texts " Commit Action " for translation.

    Please find attached a sample XML file with Studio settings and SDLXLIFF results after processing as shown in the screenshot below. Is this the desired result?

    Screenshot of Passolo Ideas software showing a translation segment 'Commit Action' from a Sample.xml.sdlxliff file, with no visible errors or warnings.