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To have option for Enable / Disable entities conversion for XML parser on Passolo

The entities issue originate came from Passolo since 2011, 2015 until current 2018.
When generating the target in Passolo, we get actual character instead of entity as source had.

By normal practice with XML (and other software file types), the client always expect the same entities codes which used in source for return in target as well.

Therefore, if the original file has entities, the target file should return the same (not converted to actual/real characters after post-processing by Passolo.

So, instead of change the normal behave,
Is it possible to add choice (toggle) to enable/disable entities conversion for XML parser on Passolo? Same thing as option in Studio setting (XML: Entities > Enable entity conversion option).

Original source:            <source>&quot;Don&apos;t show again&quot;</source>
Target from Passolo:     <source>"Не показывать снова"</source>
Target delivery:            <source>&quot;Не показывать снова&quot;</source>