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Untranslate a string directly from pre-translation dialog

When pre-translating strings it would be tremendously convenient to be able to mark one or more of the suggested alternatives as untranslated.
Explanation: In case of more alternative translations to a string for pre-translation it is often an error and one or more of the suggestions should be re-translated.

Today I have to abort the pre-translation process and look for the string that I think should be re-translated to mark it as untranslated and then pre-translate it.
Then I can resume the pre-translation process (skipping the same strings as I did the last time).
This is VERY cumbersome and often results in me ignoring the inconsistent translations and then forgetting all about it.

See attached screenshot below:

Screenshot of Passolo Ideas pre-translation window showing multiple translations found for 'Change Score' with two 100% match suggestions listed, both needing re-translation.

  • You are right. The described process is very time consuming and cumbersome, but it is not the best practice process. Maintenance of project TMs is always some extra work that needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure consistency. I don’t think that the proposed change it useful as this dialog will contain the matches from all connected sources. Beside the actual project (as displayed here), matches from other projects, external glossaries and even external translation memories could be displayed in this list. Except of the internal matches, none of the external sources can be changed. Internal translations can be changed only, if the corresponding translation list are not exported.

    I would suggest a different workflow. Your workflow is using the option display all matches if multiple matches are found. I would suggest to either use use first match or do not translate the string, but set a bookmark. Beside the described difficulty the list doesn’t display the context in which the strings appears, which makes it even more difficult to decide what the right translation is. When using one of the proposed settings and by activating the Translation Assistant in Passolo you will also see all the matches in the translation window. The translation window allows you to right a displayed translation match and jump to its origin to directly fix any inconsistencies or to un-translate the entry.