Add a function to pass selected text areas from source/translation/or both en bloc to AI to double-check: AI Professional (or separate plugin)

At the moment I often use ChatGPT – in fact a Custom GPT tailored to my special translation needs with a detailed custom generic instruction – in a separate window to double-check my translations. I often structure my prompt as follows:


Is the following section:

[translated section]

a correct and appropriate translation of

[source section]

in the context of this chat?


I often do this several times within a longer file (or chapter of a book), so I usually have a larger context here, besides the generic custom instruction of the Custom GPT.

I usually get hints on typos, misuse of special terms (I often translate IT related things), better phrasings and so on.

What I'd like to see (probably at some distant point in the future) would be the option to select text in Trados, either on the source side or the translation side, and transmit the whole content with a long custom prompt to GPT or another AI model and get a detailed answer back in a dedicated window, building a chat "coupled" or "docked" to open file.

The chat should be saved so you can re-open it again and continue to have the context available.

So one chat (or a new chat once in while), so you can transfer larger or smaller sections, from source or translation or both, at your fingertips (instead of doing all that manually).