AI professional and Groq - LM Studio and other LLM

Hello development Team

I think adding Groq API to AI professional Plugin

API Access

GroqCloudTm has multiple levels of API access.


Developer access can be obtained completely self-serve through Playground on GroqCloud. There you can obtain your API key and access our documentation as well as our terms and conditions on Playground. Join our Discord community here

If you are currently using OpenAI API, you just need three things to convert over to Groq:

  1. Groq API key
  2. Endpoint 
  3. Model 


for Local LLM:

LM studio is here:

LM Studio Server

You can use LLMs you load within LM Studio via an API server running on localhost.

Requests and responses follow OpenAI's API format.

Point any code that currently uses OpenAI to localhost:PORT to use a local LLM instead.


Gemini Pro:


the tasks:

1- term substitution

2- term extraction and glossary creation/termbase

3- tag handling 

4- QA and auto-correction with a report for review of the changes

5- spell-checker - grammar - style - rephrasing

6- term definition - when highlighting it in the source segment

7- user-defined by prompts.