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Interesting idea for the app store, tagging  for interest.

File Associations App

I've noticed a few people have had problems with package files, xliffs, tms, etc. being associated with the wrong version of Studio, the wrong program, or not associated at all. I also run into this, as I'm often installing different versions of Studio to get certain apps to work, plus I run MemoQ, which likes to associate itself with sdlxliffs. I've also seen files become associated with the actual Studio launcher, so double-clicking them only opens a new instance of Studio.

While the workaround of uninstalling and reinstalling the version of Studio that you want to use generally works, it's a bit of a pain to it every time, especially if you need to redownload the relevant installer.

What would be nice would be a little standalone app where you can determine the file associations for packages, xliffs, TMs, termbases, etc. I'm not enough of a whizz to make it, but it seems fairly feasible for an app to scan a Windows system for pre-determined programs and then create/edit pre-determined registry entries once the location of the programs is known.

Ideally, as well as various versions of Studio, it would also allow you to assign files to open in other CAT tools that can use xliffs, as well as other apps that can be used to open proprietary SDL files (e.g. Package Reader)