In Progress

Hi Adam,

I think this could sit nicely on the AppStore as a download for users who want it.  We already have a few:

If you send the termbase to app-signing at rws dotcom we can publish it on your behalf.

I don't know where to submit this, but I wish to advertise the fact that I have just completed inputting to Multiterm a 5-language fibre cement glossary, probably from Ciments Lafarge, in French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

My operating languages, English and French, pass muster, but the German, Spanish and Portuguese may need some light vetting. Would anyone in this community be interested in having a copy of the SDLTB file, its associated indexing files, and an input mask of my fangling?

If this is the wrong place, I heartily apologise, but I hope it will interest some of the community. It would be free of charge, and without obligation.

With kindest regards, and best wishes for the season,

Adam Warren.