Keyboard shortcut to Apply Translation Suggestion in AI Professional Companion

I am getting better translations via "AI Professional Companion" (View > AI Professional Companion), than via "AI Professional" (Project Settings > Translation Memory and Automated Translation), but I can't figure out how to use these better translations with a keyboard shortcut! A way to automatically insert the translation I see in the "AI Professional Companion" window by keyboard shortcut would be amazing!

  • OK, I think the shortcut I chose (Ctrl+Shift+A) was causing the issue, somehow. It was inserting one of the hits from the Translation Results pane.

    I just changed it to something definitely not used elsewhere in Studio and now it's working and actually inserting the translation shown in the AI Professional Companion pane.

    Incidentally, it would be great if we could increase the font size a bit, it's pretty damn near impossible to read the little explanation below the suggested translation.


    No... these all relate to the view you have when working with AI interactively.  You only get one translation in the TM results window per MT Provider so these shortcuts don't really make sense where you think they are.

    And no I can't... probably because it's AI and not a consistent translation.  Maybe check your settings to make sure you are limiting the variation as much as possible.  Really a topic for the forum and not here.

  • Yup! Those ones all relate to "AI Professional" (Project Settings > Translation Memory and Automated Translation).

    Also, can you tell me why the two produce different translations? Even if I set them with the same settings.


    Just checking... have you tried setting the shortcuts in here?

    Screenshot of RWS AppStore Ideas options menu showing Keyboard Shortcuts for AI Professional with a list of actions and their corresponding shortcuts like Apply Translation Suggestion (Ctrl+Alt+PgDn) and Search Translations.