OpenAI Translator: Improving source texts using GPT models

The following is an idea that I heard from a user the other day, and I think it is very nice that I am posting it instead of her.

Currently, the "Search from Target" mode of Open AI Translator can be used to generate alternative translated texts.

It would be great if a function could be implemented in the app that would allow GPT models to generate suggested improvements to the "source" text and overwrite the source segments in the bilingual file with single clicks.

Epecially when Japanese source texts are translated into English or other languages using MT, the quality of the translated text tends to significantly drop if the source text contains typos or if the modification relations of phrases in the source sentences are unclear.

So, if such source text problems can be semi-automatically corrected with GPT models before MT is performed, the efficiency of MT-PE is expected to increase.