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Customization of Phase names is available with GS 2017. Leaving this open for votes on more phases.

Changing the number of phases and their names in GroupShare

This idea is simple. There should be a chance to create a custom sequence of phases in GroupShare. For example, instead of the usual 4 phases, I might need 8 or 9 phases of work for a given project. Also, customization of phase names is a must.

  • Hi all,

    I'm unsure about changing the amount of phases, as it will pose challenges in terms of UI among others.

    But I'm actually thinking we should take a more drastic approach by switching GS to the "task" approach.

    I.e. we ship with a few pre-defined human tasks (Prep, Translation, Review, DTP, etc.) and allow users to create and name their own custom tasks whatever they want.

    I think this would give you the flexibility you need. What do you think?



  • Dear Luis,

    will this change in Groupshare 2020? Using customized "tasks" does not solve the problem as they refer only to packages and not online projects.



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