Customized thresholds from Warning messages.

IN GroupShare 2020 SR1 there are certain "warning tresholds" which trigger the warning messages. Be it visibel to the Trados studio Client or in the GroupShare logging.

Receiving such warnings messages continuously, after administrator has noticed and "confirmed" them is very annoying.

Some examples of such annoying warning is the following:

1. approaching licensed number of TU warning which is shown to each Trados Studio Client opening a project with a server based TM on affected server. 

This is annoying  any user as Trados Studio user can talk to administrator, but it can also be the case that being at 39 M TU's out of 40 M TU's for a long time is not an issue as the TM growth would be 1000 TU's per day. 
So, i.e. another 1000 days before server would run out of licensed number of TU's. 

BTW: 3% of 40M TU equals to 1.200.000 TU's

Warning dialog box indicating that the licensed number of translation units is nearly reached, showing 97% of 40000000 used.

>> The suggestion here is to add a customization option - in a .config file or somewhere where this warning where Server administrator would be able to modify this warning limit to a different percentage, as deemed appropriate by GS server admin.  

2. GroupShare server > System Configuration > Log Viewer  

Also in the Log Viewer there are a number of warnings and errors that don't add much information: 
a. FGA Service: Bearer lifetime was removed 

Please see the "empty" warning message
Warning message from Fine Grained Alignment Service with log date Fri, Jun. 14, 2024 16:08:41 and message 'Bearer lifetime was removed'.

>> The suggestion here is to change the level of this message from Warning to Info as per KB where you say: 

There is no need for any action regarding this warning message.

b. Application Service: Viewer.CALs 

This error is also annoying as we cannot switch it off.  We understand the root cause being the fact that on the particular GS server there are no Multiterm Viewer CALs licensed but only MultiTerm Editor CALs and these are still available. 
> The suggestion here is that when checking the status of free CALs, GS server admin would have an option to "exclude" licensing option that does not have to be reported if no CALs are free.
> or the server would need to be aware of what is licensed and report only those licensed options.   Please see the "empty" warning message. 
Error message from Application Service with log date Fri, Jun. 14, 2024 16:07:32 and message 'Viewer.CALs'.

c.  Application Service: 

Related to the above Error, her is it's continuation that spam's log. 
Error message from Application Service with log date Fri, Jun. 14, 2024 16:07:20 stating 'Too many Viewer.CALs allocated. Maximum is 0.' with a detailed exception trace.

>> Suggestion her is the same. Let's have an option, that would not cause such "non-errors" to be detected as errors. If we didn't license Viewer CAL's than we probably should not see these error messages.

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