Idea Delivered Partially

The last two major versions of SDL Trados GroupShare offer support for direct import of the file-based SDL Trados TM format (*.sdltm):

For further automated export and import options, the SDL Trados Studio client offers the "Upgrade Translation Memories" wizard.

For SDL MultiTerm termbases we currently don't offer automated creation of file- and/oder server-based termbases by default.

File-based TM and TM transfer to GroupShare in less steps

Please make the file-based resources transfer from Studio into GroupShare and vice versa  easier for end customer.

Right now  users have to:

1. export a TMX file from file based TM

2.create a new server based TM 

3.import  the TMX into GS


The same thing for termbases but with xdt and xml files.

It would be great to hide some steps behind background taks, for example user selects "send TM or TB  to Server" option and the Studio or  Multiterm creates server  TM or TB based on the selected file-based resource, exports and imports required files automatically without extra steps. The same procedure is appreciated for server to file based transfer. 

The steps mentioned in KB 1193 or 1192 are too complicated for a such simple task as convert file-based TM and TM within the same CAT tool.



Yuri Belik