Under Community Review

Fully customizable email templates

It is currently not fully possible to adapt the email templates that Project Server sends to users. It is not possible to customize the email subject, only the body. See also: https://community.sdl.com/developers-more/developers/language-developers/f/57/t/131864


I suggest implementing a simple way for admins to adapt the email templates including the subject. It would be valuable for users to e.g. also have the project's or phase's due date in the email notification so that you can more easily determine which task to work on first when you get a lot of notifications. 



  • Hi - The link does not work anymore. Do you mind updating this idea request? I think it is a good one so let's clarify a bit what we have and what can be done. The templates are easily editable html files. I don't think there is really a need to make it even easier (as in offer some sort of a UI). It is a task that is not done often - and anyone with a bit of technical understanding of html should be able to do that.

    What value do you see in being able to edit the Subject? What would you rename "ProjectName -  Project Created" or "ProjectName - Files Due Date Changed" to?

    Due date we already have - or did you mean you want to have it in the Subject? I can see this being useful especially when there are a lot of email notifications. If a user though has more projects assigned to him or her, the Due Date is a column in Studio so the translator can easily see which one is due first and also sort based on that. I don't think though this is as simple as "Add due date to subject" - I think Product Management should look at the bigger picture, real case scenarios and find a solution that addresses most of them.   - any thoughts on this?