Under Community Review

Read-only GroupShare TMs and enable update restrictions

There are several reasons to make TMs read-only or to restrict modifications:

  • It is very easy to delete an entire GS TM from within Studio. Just a right-click... and except for a warning, poof, it's gone. Not good, because accidents happen.
  • We use reference TMs for look-ups. Such TMs should not get updated via projects. It is easy to control updates via the "Enabled" button in the project settings, but I'd like to be able to control this on the server.
  • Long lasting projects may contain links to outdated, TMs not used any longer. By applying read-only attributes to those TMs we could avoid errors in Studio about missing TMs and ultimately redirect to the correct TM.
  • This can be achieved with current functionality. Have an Organization where all "reference TMs" are moved and create a new role that has only read permissions and give users this role on the Organization in question. Then all TMs that need to be read only could be moved there when needed (the move option for TMs is currently disabled in GroupShare, but once we fix that, this should work). It's not a simple switch or checkmark, I know, but also not too hard to implement.

  • Hi Luis,

    Yes, a property to be assigned to a server TM that would make it read-only is a solution. This property could only be set directly on the server.

  • Hi Burckhardt,

    Thank you for submitting the idea. So you mean a central property of a TM to be set as read-only, for every user regardless of permissions they may have in GroupShare?