Planned for Future Release

Users connected to GS should be visible and if necessary "forced to logout"

Every user that accesses GS (project server) gets a CAL, even if they are not working on projects on the server. Support told me, that a CAL is taken if a suser has some server based projects in his list. It should be possible to:

a) see which user is connected

b) force logout those you know are not actually working on any project on the server, in order to free some CALs.


Thank you


  • Hi - I think that is a valid need that you have. Currently you indeed can not do that gracefully. If you REALLY need to do that and you can not nicely ask the users to disconnect - you can change their password and then restart the SDL services which kicks everyone out. The users with a valid login will automatically reconnect, so the impact should be minimal (assuming they work in Studio). Let's hope this idea gets more traction as it's a good one! Thank you for posting it.


  • Hi Adrian, thank you for your reply.

    I know exactly how the CALs work, this is not the problem. My issue is: I own GroupShare, so should be able to force out anybody I want (sorry if it sounds a little strange :-)). What I want to say, is that I need to be able to force out users I do not want to be connected (because I know they have no orders in work). As we do not have shared user names, it does not matter (for us) from where they are connected. I just want to kick them out to free some CALs.

  • Hi - I can see how this is useful. However, you need to understand the way licensing works in GroupShare. The CALs are not given per user. They are given per client connection. CAL stands for concurrent access license. So if you have a username called french_team - they could technically all share the same login for GroupShare (even if it's not ideal or recommended in all situations) - but they would still consume 1 CAL per client connection. Even if you connect from several applications: browser 1, browser 2, Studio - you will use 3 CALs - even if you login with the same username. With that said, I can see how this could be implemented and still show that information. For example in a "Users connected" tab show: username, machine name, application from where the connection is made - so then the administrator would have easy control of what to disconnect. There also needs to be a part of training/education around this topic though as probably not a lot of end users understand this mechanism and how they can easily consume more CALs per person at a time.

  • HI Angelo,

    I support your idea but I would suggest that the mechanism of this feature adds also the same possibility for Online Editor licenses.

    With the new feature being used we need visibility over who is using OE licenses.