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Track Changes Reporting and Quoting

Dear Paul and Trados support team,

I hope you can put this idea into action. Many times we receive updates on large projects and those updates are in track changes and as you know track changes can be painful at times changing single words or multiple words in a paragraph in addition to whole paragraphs additions or deletions, or moving paragraphs from one place to another etc. It would be great if Trados has an analysis tool with the ability to give the translator a good way of estimating the time/effort/word count so that we can easily tell the client that this will be charged at a certain word count that really reflects the effort being made. Transtools plus has a great utility to give you an idea, so I hope Trados can do the same, even by giving the user the options to do the weighing and factoring process at his own wish.


Sameh Ragab

PS. Paul, I sent you 3 emails but have not heard back from you. I hope you can let me know.