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Relates to https://community.sdl.com/ideas/translation-productivity-ideas/i/trados-studio-ideas/file-types-and-filters-for-graphics?CommentId=a42735ce-dabd-47f3-894b-51dfe8122713 which we set as Delivered as we do support PSD (Photoshop) now. It also seems to be possible to export .ai files as .psd files so this might be an option (but we also know the devil can be in the details on such conversions). Anyway, right now it is technically not (yet) possible to support AI files natively. This may change in future based on third parties starting to support it which we can then plug in. We will watch this but cannot make any promises at this stage. 

A native file type to translate Adobe Illustrator .ai files in Trados Studio

We have a client who sends us .ai files in batches for an ongoing project. 

So far we've been working with now outdated workarounds, which nobody is willing to pay for as they do not add value to the translation. Export and import are very time consuming and prone to error, not to mention the dependency on third party tools as well as the not inexpensive Adobe Illustrator license. 

A native Studio file type for .ai files would be the best way of directly processing these files saving a lot of time, money and nerves. Thank you.