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Accessing to comments when right-clicking on an irregular word

Hi Group,

Studio generally allows to access and edit an existing comment by right-clicking on one of the commented words, through an "Edit comment" popup menu option (Modifier le commentaire in French):

Unfortunately, it does not work when you right-click on a commented work that is not s standard word, e.g. a misspelled word, a specially created word, a foreign word or any word that does not exist in the Word or personal dictionary. In such cases, the popup menu displays some possible corrections and the option to add that word to the dictionary, but the "Edit comment" is not proposed.

That is you cannot access the comment in order to edit it, which is an issue, since that comment will generally be to explain why you specifically used that non-standard word.
(I know, you can do it through the Comments tab, but the purpose of popup menus is essentially to let the user save time.)

Would it be possible to add the Edit comment in all and every circumstances when you right-click on a commented word or phrase, wherever you click in that phrase?

Thanks in advance 

  • Thank you Daniel,

    It's a possible temporary workaround (actually, I do use Ctrl+Shift+N), but it would be easy for Trados Studio development team to add that missing command in the contextual menu, that is actually not very "crowdy" in the circumstances I describe and has enough room for that.
    I do not know if that omission was done on purpose or if it is unintended, but resolving it would be useful and welcome.

  • As a potential solution, you could add keyboard shortcuts to the Add Comment and Edit Comment commands in File - Options - Keyboard Shortcuts - Editor. There is one already for Add Comment - Ctrl+Shift+N. For Edit Comment, I added Alt+Ctrl+Shift+C and that worked fine also. Of course, you can find less intricate shortcuts Slight smile, just wanted to avoid a potential duplicate. This way, you don't need the context menu and can directly access the desired functionality.

  • I voted this one because it would be a great enhancement.