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Add more Hunspell spellcheckers to Trados

For those languages that Studio supports and for which there are spellcheckers but which aren't yet in Studio by default, they should be bundles. It's not really translator-friendly to have to mess with the spellcheckmanager_config.xml file etc. I'm thinking particularly of gd-GB but there are probably others.

Either bundling them or some much more user-friendly loading mechanism where a translator just has to point Studio at the .zip or .dic/.aff files on a local drive and Studio adding them to the spellcheckmanager_config.xml itself and putting them in the right directory.

  • PS ever considered making the presence/absence of dictionaries dependent on the language choices a user makes during installion to keep the list lean?  If I pick English, French and Russian as languages, then why would I need spellchecking for Estonian, Portuguese and Arabic installed?

  • It's 2019, I've just upgraded to Studio 2019. Spent 20 minutes trying to recall what I have to do to add a Hunspell dictionary that doesn't come bundled, not least of all because the Help pages are, well, not helpful for that scenario.

  • Interesting timing as we are just about to release a small application to manage this better.  We can't add more dictionaries as the mechanism has apparently completely changed since 2009 and adding new languages is not straightforward and there is no API for this.  So until the core Studio application supports more we will at least have a user-friendly mechanism for this.  I imagine this will be released this week.