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Better handling of inconsistent translation message in verification (filter)

When Studio reports segments that have been translated inconsistently, the translator must then manually go and find the reported segment. It would be very helpful if Studio could filter inconsistently translated segments in a way that all the inconsistent segments could be grouped together in order to be dealt with more quickly.

As an example, if segment 900 is reported to be inconsistent with segment 500, and segment 901 is reported to be inconsistent with segment 200, then the segments, when filltered for inconsistencies, would be shown in the following order


Segment 500

Segment 900

–––––––––- (some kind of separator)

Segment 200

Segment 901

  • as you saw, it's basically "Sort" tool, that was my first goal.
    Now I have forgotten it
    and changed into "Quality tool" though - much better.

  • "over 4 years ago"..  wow..

    It reminds me of an older one of mine several years also.

    Now you have this kind of final work of yours, and have to verify.


    A tiny "Graphical" verification of mine reports you this Projects Viewpart (for Project level scenario, for small jobs it's OK having a Editor level only, of course)

    Greenish means "you have problem" and Yellow(Gold)ish mean "It's OK"
    So.. Let me click segment #4

    You can see what's wrong quite easily.
    How about segment #6 ?

    Lastly, segment #2

    When you click "Fine Name" cloumn, it opens proper File and Segment # at Editor Viewpart, of course.