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Create return package task should contain the "Translation count" task

When working with translation packages, quite often you need to run a translation count task before the delivery, as Trados Studio not always updates the wordcount in the project. Would the "Create return package" task already include the translation count task, a lot of time could be saved.


    Is this just a workaround to the problem of the translation count not being updated in the UI?  If it then I think the more appropriate solution would be to fix the refresh issues in general.

    If it's because you just want a translation count for yourself then I guess you can simply run the batch task... unless it's this that you want to save time for in not having to actually run this task before or after sending your package?

    Just wanted some clarification to your idea.


    Dear Paul

    This is not the reason here.

    You might remember our Devils presentations, where I have shown some of my working ways. The main reason here is the following: after receiving some packages from the same client, I create my own project with subfolders for each customers package. There I put the sdlxliff file(s) from the packages and translate them in my own project. This is faster, as I do not need to change the settings in each package to match my QA criteria and other settings and I can also profit from cross-file-repetitions. The QA done on all these files delivers also better results in terms of consistency and terminology. When ready, I copy the files from my project and overwrite those in the customer packages. Now, when creating the return packages Trados Studio does of course not know, that the files are translated. Would I create the package without counting the translated words, the receiving PM could see an untranslated file and even not import the package at all. This additional step (translation count) takes time. And as I do that many times in a month, it sums up to quite a long period of time over the year.

    I hope this clarifies the background.


    ok - understood.  So really an enhancement idea needed because of your way of working (and possibly others too), unless the opening of the return package could be made to always refresh the count first which would be my preferred solution.

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    Thank you. But I'd also like to make sure the file in the package is translated. I'm only human and might not correctly overwrite the files in the customer location, thus sending indeed unfinished files. Seeing the progress bar when creating a return package is a good means to make sure everything worked as desired.

    TBH the preferred solution should include this task in both operations Slight smile


    ok - so definitely an enhancement.

    You want Studio recognise a file it didn't put there and show the correct wordcount.  That means the project would always have to check for any changes, however they got there, including things that happen outside of its control because you do this workaround to avoid using the project settings you were provided with.

    For now running a batch task to trigger this seems an easier workaround than trying to make the software do it... but at least your idea is now understood.


    I do not really expect the software to do that in all cases automatically. A better idea would be to give me the power to combine a batch including "translation count" and create return package. This would be exactly what I need. So not a real change in the software, but a change in the options available under "Batch task". Maybe that could be much easier to implement.

    Of course I understand, that I request the software to do things in a way it wasn't primarily designed to. But OTOH my way of working allows me to avoid common problems caused by PMs in big agencies, treating all languages the same and paying no attention to (sometimes) big differences in the needs of the target language. My experience shows, that especially QA settings in agencies projects are next to useless... The really important checks must be added afterwards.


    I would agree... if we're happy not to support those with a FL licence?


    Well, this is more the core task for freelancers, so in my opinion all versions should support this. There could be a task called "Update translation memories and create return package" or similar within the preconfigured tasks. Thanks for looking into it.