Under Community Review

Double Click to copy one term from the TermBase

In the TermBase, an entry must first be selected and then a tiny button clicked. It would be nice if the term could be inserted directly into the translation by double-clicking.
This is especially important now, when due to an error during the last update, the TB is reinitialised each time and forgets a previous selection.

  • Hi there - I am more of a keyboard fan so I don't have to reach out for the mouse for such actions. For instance, Ctrl+Shift+L will list all the found terms from the termbase, and I can then use Arrow up/down to scroll through the candidates and press Enter to insert. Another option is of course typing the first letter of the translated term and then use the AutoSuggest list to scroll through any candidates and again press Enter to insert.

  • I agree that a number of the Studio features should be streamlined in similar fashion, and I endorse this idea.

    With kind regards to the team and contributors,