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Under Community Review

Enable more Document Structure Information when using the Embedded Content Processor

Document Structure Information (DSI) tells the translator about the context of a segment: Is it a title, a keyword etc.

Trados Studio has three ways to display DSI to the translator:

  1. A column to the right of the source and target text columns
  2. The Navigation Pane at the left side of the screen
  3. The preview pane

Using the HTML embedded content processor (ECP) replaces all DSI from parsing the file (customizable at least for XML files) with the DSI generated by the ECP. E.g. instead of "Title", "Article Content" or "Meta Keyword" (whatever you set up in the parser) it will display "P" for Paragraph or "LI" for a list item. Etc.

The DSI which can be displayed in the Navigation pane is replaced with meaningless ECP information.

It is not possible to use the preview pane when using the Embedded Content Processor.

This leaves ZERO possibility to display DSI to the translator.

Could this please be improved?


  1. DSI from the ECP is added to the DSI gathered by the parser. A list in a node extracted as "Article Content" would then have "Article Content" as well as "LI", a paragraph in this node would have "Article Content" as well as "P". Etc. This would be very useful, also for filtering using the Advanced Display Filter.
  2. Based on (1), the Navigation pane would be set to always display DSI from parsing, never from the ECP, since the latter is never meaningful.
  3. Preview is made to work with the ECP.

This would be a major improvement for handling XML files.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.