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Hi Isabel,

Best would be to raise this with our Support team, as this most probably can be addressed through changing the client (project/files storage location) or server-side (permissions, like missing Edit Project) configuration. 

In technical details, we don't have any native macOS version of Trados Studio available, and it always needs to be run in a form of virtualization (e.g. through Parallels). This type of virtualization still runs Trados Studio in a (virtual) Windows environment inside the macOS. In such a virtual Windows setup, Trados Studio in this context should behave the same as run in native Windows. Our Support team will be able to assist you with identifying the cause for the automatic disabling of providers. 

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Enabling GroupShare for MacOS

One of our vendors uses a Macintosh machine for translation projects with Trados Studio. Mac is not quite "Studio friendly", but they have found a workaround to use it. The problem is when we add GroupShare to the equation: they can download and work on GS jobs, but all published TMs appear deactivated, and they cannot enable those on their end (despite all TMs appear correctly enabled on ours). This also happens with published termbases, and it causes a lot of quality issues, as they cannot refer to (priority) reference material.

Is it possible to find a workaround for a Mac owner to use GS TMs?

  • We use macs in our office and never had such issue related to the OS.

    It seems more a groupshare privileges configuration issue.

    You should, at least, configure a groupshare user for each translator giving him the role of translator, or better configure a custom role giving it access to just the things you prefer.

    Then the translator should open trados and go to file -> setup -> servers and configure a stable access to your groupshare server.

    Check groupshare documentation on how to give correct privileges to translators.