Idea Delivered

This has been delivered with the advanced display filter that is available in all recent Trados Studio versions.

Expand segment filtering capabilities (filter by fuzzy match percentage range)

As it is now, Segment Filtering is quite limited, even when taking Advance Display Filter into account.


Something that would be EXTREMELY USEFUL would the ability to filter (or filter out) segments based on their fuzzy match percentage. Now, I can only filter “Fuzzy matches”, and that is too big a gap, there is nothing similar between a 75% fuzzy match and a 99% fuzzy match.


So my suggestion would be to expand the Fuzzy filtering by allowing trados to learn the right fuzzy percentages I want to filter by. For example, here are some illustrative examples:

1.- I want to filter all fuzzy segments with 99% fuzzy match percentage only.

2.- I want to filter all fuzzy segments with match percentage higher than 83%.

3.- I want to filter out all fuzzy segments with match percentage lower than 64%.


And ideally, the possibility of combining several filters (usefulness of this would be more limited, but I have sometimes wanted to be able to combine several segment statuses in my filter!!!)

4.- I want to filter all locked segments with comments for which fuzzy match percentage lies between 73% and 100%.


I once had a large project which had over a thousand 99% match percentage segments among many other varied segments. If I had the ability to sort those segments out, I would have saved hours as they could have been confirmed as 100% on the spot, as that 1% difference was not significant to my translation purposes. And it's sometimes useful to filter high percentage fuzzies separately (higher than 85%) from low percentage fuzzies (lower than that) for several applications; for instance, making proofreading much MUCH faster in the earlier segments.