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This is an area that is indeed getting much more focus as we speak. Changes won't happen overnight but we are starting on changing error handling significantly, and we have already formulated requirements that are much in the spirit of what you are saying below. UX is a very firm part of that conversation :). Tracking ID is LTP-1628.

Thanks, Daniel

Get those cryptic error messages more human

One thing I have an intimate familiarity with in Studio (like so many others as can be seen from the forums here, unfortunately) are the error messages in Studio. I think it is high time that the developers replace those error messages with something more human, or understandable. And every message (or at least, most of them) could contain at least a link to where you could get help, or an explanation of a possible cause.

Think about it: what should a normal translator who hasn't the skills of a programmer do with a message like "Invalid parameter"?!


  • Am encountering a lot of error messages at the moment - have had to resort to using SDL Studio with English to try to establish what the error messages mean, to be able to then try and persuade a technician to push towards a software update (complicated in our IT environment).

  • This improved a lot since there is now a button on the error messages to directly open the Knowledge Base accordingly.

    But sadly you didn´t registered your own translations of the error messages in the Knowledge Base. So, for example, using Studio in German, it displays German error messages but leads to no hits in the Knowledge base. That should be fixed easily, especially for SDL as a CAT- and MT- Provider ;-)

  • Absolutely! Why, oh why can't I give at least 100 upvotes?!

    This is yet another sign of very poor or even completely missing UX design in the development cycle.