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increase font size in termbase viewers

Hello, I've been told this is the place to suggest an improvement. The termbase viewers in Trados and Multiterm show lists of all termbase entries in alphabetical order, and my suggestion is to make the font size adjustable or at least a little bigger. I'm using Trados Studio 2022 Freelance version. Just to be perfectly clear, I'll add that I'm not referring to the hitlist settings but the viewer that appears on the left-hand side of the screen with all entries in alphabetical order. The font there is just a bit too small for me and I'd like to increase it from 10 to 12, for example, but there's no way to do that, as far as I know.

Truth be told, I haven't seen an optometrist in years (no joke intended) and am not sure how much of a problem the aforementioned font size is for most Trados users. There seem to be no such suggestions/complaints here, so maybe it's not a problem for most of you. 

  • I agree with that request. Also, why is the Search field, which is a major feature in a term base, so small and lost in the ribbon?
    It could be bigger and more prominent.

  • Well, I’ve been notified that my post is under community review, and I guess that means my suggestion is being considered. If so, I’ve noticed a related problem (for my old eyes) that may also warrant attention: Now that I’ve adjusted the Termbase hitlist settings, the entries are easily legible, but when I modify them, the font reverts to a very small size. Once the modification has been saved, the font goes back to a larger size (the hitlist setting), but, of course, the problem is the font being so small while the entry is being modified. Please take this into consideration if anything can be done about it. Thanks.