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Increase width of Prompt dropdown for AI Assistant

The dropdown for the AI Assistant 's promt selector is currently fixed width - an not very wide at all. I have several prompts starting with "Refine translation" and can't distinguish them, although the View spans the entire screen, so there would be plenty of space.

AI Assistant panel in Trados Studio with a narrow dropdown for the prompt selector showing truncated text 'Refine translatio...'. A red arrow points to the dropdown. Below are blurred translation suggestions.

I wish the dropdown could be wide enough to display the longest promt description in the list, unless restricted by the width of the view.

Alternatively, it could be wider and display a certain number of chars from the beginning of the prompt description, then, if the prompt description is longer, an ellipsis (...) and then a certain number of chars from the end of the prompt description. This would be better, but not as good as the first option I described.