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Kurdish language variation in SDL Trados

Dear SDL Trados, 2024 development team,


I am writing to you regarding the Kurdish language variants available on your platform. Currently, you have the following variations listed:


- Kurdish Perso-Arabic Iran

- Central Kurdish - Iran

- Central Kurdish – Iraq

- Central Kurdish Perso-Arabic – Iraq


However, these variations do not accurately represent the true status of the Kurdish language. For written Kurdish, there are two main forms:


- Kurdish Central, which is a right-to-left language.

- Kurdish Northern, which is a Latin-based language.


These same variants are also known as:


- Kurdish (Sorani), which is another name for Kurdish Central.

- Kurdish (Kurmanji), which is another name for Kurdish Northern.


As a translator working with Kurdish Sorani or Central, I am unable to benefit from Microsoft Translator, Google Translator or Language Weaver as Trados cannot recognize the language. Moreover, Google and Microsoft use different names for the same dialects of Kurdish in different places.


I am not sure if you have any connections with Microsoft or Google, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could reach an agreement about the names of the variations in all places so that we can benefit from the AI.


It is important to note that the Kurdish language is not divided between Iraq and Iran. Therefore, anything listed under those names is a waste of time and energy. Regardless of the variation, the first word of the name should always be KURDISH, as people, especially those who do not speak the language, cannot find it under the letter "C".


Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help. I have been working with Trados Studio since 2009 and would like to continue benefiting from it as much as possible.