Idea Delivered

This was addressed in Studio 2022.

Only alert user of missing tmp file / SDLTempFileRegen if Studio can't recover

Sometimes Studio comes up with an error message informing the user that a temporary file is missing, preventing the saving a file, be it automatically in the background or manually by the user.

For me most often the file name is SDLTempFileRegen but sometimes it's something like tmp... Search for missing tmp file / SDLTempFileRegen in the Community and you'll find several posts concerning this.

I found that the error can be overcome if I create a file with the same name in the same path as in the error message.

Hence, I would propose that Studio should recreate the missing file itself (or remove the dependency on that file) and only alert the user if it still can't save the file

  • I think it would be neater to remove altogether the dependency on the temporary file, and perhaps use the input (source) path and filename instead. I have found that this is a rather lengthy workaround. As Angela says, this topic has already been discussed elsewhere in this forum, and it would be timely to remedy this weakness. Obviously, a user alert would be needed if the target file still can't be saved. But in that case, why couldn't it still be saved?