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Ordinal number recognition when using TM matches not working with superscript letters (English)

When having 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc in a TM match the superscript letters are not automatically adjusted for other numbers. For example if a sentece in TM says:

The 1st amendment was made due to changes in XX.

In my Trados file I have a sentence where the second amendment is referenced, Trados automatically inserts a match that then looks like this:

The 2st amendment was made due to changes in XX.

Studio is not able to make this substitution at the moment. As the „st” is added as a superscript, Studio is keeping it in similar segments as if it were a number, for example. If I do not add it as superscript, but as „1st”, the auto-substitution does not occur and the other segments are fuzzy matches.

Please consider adding a recognition for this type of numbers in future.