Under Community Review

Please keep the delivered hunspell dictionaries up-to-date. (At least update them every few years or so...)

The hunspell dictionaries coming with every new Trados version for Romanian (ro_RO) are out of date for many years now. :(

The 'new' and up-to-date versions are out for more than 10 years now (!) and are coming with OpenOffice, among others, but Trados still delivers some out-of-date (and mostly unusable) versions.

Even if getting the right spell checker in place is no big deal - two files have to be replaced with the correct versions - it still is an ugly thing to do after every upgrade, when the bad versions are re-inforced.

Not to mention that despite the simplicity of the solution, it might actually be a major challenge for translators unfamiliar with what-is-where within Trados space.

Here's a link to the good dictionaries:

(Those are from 2008 apparently... And still newer than what Trados hands out by default.)