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Please make exporting a translation memory faster by prefilling "Export to:" path

If the path box (Export to:) in the Export dialogue (Trados Studio Export Options dialog with empty 'Export to:' field, 'Filter:' field set to (none), and an unchecked option to 'Export to Workbench-optimized TMX format for use in Trados 2007'.) is prefilled with an default path, then exporting would be faster by eliminating the step where one has to manually select the same folder and/or file name every time.

For example I would like to update my translation memory frequently by exporting many translation memories to the same folder. This requires manually selecting the same path over and over again in the Export dialogue with the button "Browse".

It would be cool if the Export to: path is prefilled with a default path and with a default file name or automatically changing file name (for example if I have chosen "1.tmx" as the file name, then next time I will open the Export dialogue, the new suggested file name would be prefilled as "2.tmx").

My suggested could be an optional option somewhere in the settings.