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Provide shortcut for Verify "Ignore message"

To simplify the removal (confirmation/ of Verify messages, provide a shortcut key for "Ignore message".

  • Absolutely. Here is a typical scenario:

    - a client sends a package containing a termbase full of incoherence and mistakes

    - I create my own tembase that I add to as I go along, which is used for terminology enforcement and that I can rely on

    - I QA against my own termbase and everything is ok

    - I then know that if I just send back the package, the project manager will QA against the bad termbase and get a load of false positives. So to avoid this, I have to remove my "good" termbase and QA again against the "bad" one but ignore all the error messages. And there is no way to ignore them all in bulk or even a keyboard shortcut to do it quickly, forcing me to waste my time with hundreds of mouse clicks.

    Please fix this as soon as possible!