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Reversable xliffs for perfect match

Sometimes we would like to reverse an xliff in able to use perfect match. For example, we translate a text from German to English, the customer makes changes to the English and asks us to translate back into German. We would like to be able to edit the original German-English xliff so that we can perfect match it into the new English-German xliff.

  • Hullo Rowan,

    Thank you for your answer. Would it be possible to decant the contents of the (native?) XLIFF file into a spreadsheet (say, Excel) and reverse the columns, then re-ingest that content into a new, other-way-round XLIFF file? I hope this helps, although I lack knowledge of the non-Studio editing of XLIFF formats. I have a feeling that some sort of intermediate step is required, even perhaps in some dedicated software for editing native XLIFF files, but using the reversed-column procedure I suggested. I hope you untangle this problem shortly.

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    Perhaps a workaround for now would be to convert the SDLXLIFF to TMX using this app (it's quick) - https://appstore.rws.com/Plugin/113

    Then reverse the TMX which is easy and create a TM from it.

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