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Save custom windows layouts

As more and more functionality is added to Trados Studio, we need to have more and more views in the correct place.

Please add the functionality to save custom window layouts in addition to the default layout. (Such as RegexBuddy or EditPad Pro allow for.)

This would allow for an efficient change of layouts from translate/ AI edit/ proofread etc. phases/tasks.

Screenshot from EditPad Pro

Screenshot from PowerGREP


    Use user profiles for different monitor setups. This is what I do. I have a setup for 1 and for 2 monitors stored on my laptop. The reset will not go to any random setting there, but just restore what you have in your profile.

    This said, I again support the separate possibility to store window layout, even though it is already given via user profile.

  • You got my vote. 

    First step would probably be to make the current method stable enough so it wouldn't nilly willy change / reset to some random setting..

    Next I would like to be able to save the settings for different monitor setups (I like to travelBlush). 


    This would certainly work, but as I wrote before, the option to save different window layouts independently would have some advantages. My user profile has just two different window layouts: for translating and for review, which are obviously activated depending on the task. But if you need more than this, using user profiles is too much hassle just for changing the window layout. So a separate settings would be good. I already voted for your idea.


    I know that for each workflow step (translate, review, sign-off) one window layout is saved. But what I mean is several custom layouts that I can activate independent of workflow stage, depending on which task is at hand.

    Are you suggesting I create a number of user profiles to switch between depending on task/ layout needed?

  • Your customized layout is already being stored in your user profile. Just store the profile and your shortcuts, window layout and some other settings will be there.

    Nonetheless, this would be more obvious to many users, provided that even you seems not to know the user profile...