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Segment number check in imported return packages


as a result of an issue we had with the files delivered to the client, it was discovered that Trados doesn't check the number of segments in the target SDLXLIFF file contained in a return package being imported (some other tools, e.g. XTM perform that check).

Further down the line, Trados can generate target files with content missing from them (text and/or tags that were included in removed segments).

This is confirmed to affect Trados 2015, 2021, and 2022 projects.

Would be great to have a feature that automatically checks if number of segments in file included in a return package is the same as in file in Trados project.


    Hi Bryan, hi Patrik...

    Bryan, are you referring to adding a function to check whether the number of segments has reduced because of segment merging, or increased because of segment splitting?

    In the meantime, you could instruct all translators/reviewers not to split or merge segments...

    The only other way I can think of that a segment could be removed would be if the sdlxliff were opened in a 3rd party program such as Notepad++ and the whole segment including its start and end tags were deleted. This would be fiddly and might mean the sdlxliff caused processing problems thereafter.

    All the best,

    Ali Smiley

  • Indeed, and on top of that, you cannot "remove" segment in Studio - as   you can split or merge, but that is super essential to allow. I guess it's about the tool you are importing the SDLXLIFF into which needs to be enhanced and needs to handle segmentation correctly. Based on the XLIFF 1.2 standard, number of segments may change and agents must handle it - it's the trans-unit element (which in Studio would correspond to paragraph unit) which cannot be manipulated. 

  • ... any such check would have to allow for split and/or merged segments...