Under Community Review

TM Management Tool

With client's TMs growing bigger every year, it is inevitable to have obsolete segments, old terminology, incosistencies, etc., which pollute TMs over time. In order to maintain the quality of TMs it is crucial that SDL develops a tool to perform TM managment. These are some of the features such tool should have:

-Archiving mechanism based on different criteria, for example

  • Removing/Exporting all segments that have not been used since a certain data

-Dealing with duplicates, based on number of occurances

  • Removal/Export of duplicates

-API allowing TM cleanup actions:

  • Terminology - Verification of a TM against a list of terms
    • Source term relevance analysis: Count number of instances of source terms in source segments (in order to know how relevant a list of terms is against a particular TM)
    • Source and target verification: Highlight segments that do not contain expected term translations and make them editable for the user to make corrections.
  • QA checks (standard Studio checks, plus Number Verifier)

-Removal of all tags with one click on selected segments

-Sort segments based on different criteria (alphabletical order for source or target, data created, date modified, etc.)


-Possibility to do all the above on several TMs and languages at the same time