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XML Parser rules in File Type: add "Move to top" and "Move to bottom" buttons

When you add a new parser rule to an XML file type or an embedded content processor, the new rule is currently added at the bottom of the list. To move it up or down, you have to click the up/down arrows. When there are many rules, you might have to click several hundred times.

Buttons for "Move to top" and "Move to bottom", in addition to the existing up/down arrows, would make this much easier.

  • Hi Paul,

    I am using Studio 2019 and Studio 2021.

    Whether the rules appear at the top of bottom actually seems to behave inconsistently. For some of my file types it appears at the top, others it appears at the bottom. I can't figure out any pattern. I have videos of the different behaviors.

    In the embedded content processors, in all examples that I saw the rules were being added at the bottom, but that may just be coincidence.

    Regardless of where they get added, an efficient way to move them would be appreciated.

  • When I do this the rule is always added to the top of the list.  What version of Studio are you working with?