Idea Delivered Partially

Add the fuzzy bands to report generated from Managed Translation

Dear team,

Currently the report generated from Managed Translation only includes columns as 'Fully Matched Words' and 'Fuzzy Matched Words' instead of detailed fuzzy band.

Is it possible to add the detailed fuzzy band (75%-84%, 85%-94%...,etc) as client is also keen to receiving the detailed fuzzy words for business purpose.

Thanks indeed.

  • Hi Jack,

    the wordcounts for each fuzzy band are included in a separate tab within the Data Export - from memory, I think we call this "Cost Bands". Can you please take a look and confirm this meets your requirements?

    We don't include this breakdown in the Projects tab, as not all projects listed will necessarily have been handled using cost models with the same number of bands or even the same range for each band.