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Mark reviewed segments with a different color


Currently when a segment is reviewed, a user presses enter and the segment gets confirmed, which is the same status as segments translated by translators. I think it would be great if we could distinguish the segments being translated by translators and being reviewed by client reviewers e.g. by a different colour or icon. It would also help translators to see what segments were touched by client reviewers.

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  • Hi Bernd (and other contributors on this idea!),

    I like the suggestion of being able to visually differentiate between segments changed at various steps of a workflow. There are quite a number of complexities we'd need to consider here such as the following: -

    - We'd need to define what logic should be used to define the different personas. As you know, there are a large number of workflow steps/interfaces that can be assigned to linguists so we'd need a way of clearly identifying the role of the user currently working on a task

    - There are several environments in which a linguist might be working on a task (Studio, TMS, ManTra, Online Editor). We'd therefore need to decide in which environments we want to support this feature.

    I suggest we start by looking at the current behaviour in Studio and the Online Editor where there is the possibility to set a 'segment status'. Perhaps we could leverage from this field in order to implement the required behaviour?

    I'll mark this idea as "Under Community Review" for now until we have more detail on what/where/how we want to implement.



  • That´s a good idea. We also have this problem for our client Porsche and having changed segments marked would be very helpful.

  • I also like this very much! For my client Porsche we even offer a trilingual review interface (where the EN translation gets pulled into the "column" line by TMS) , so they have to click a lot and it would really help them when they can find the last changed segment faster. In addition the way we are working at the moment causes some problems during ICR. At the moment translators have to carefully compare the XLIFF before and after client review, as filtering by the comments in studio seems to be not reliable. If the change would be marked in a different colour or by an icon it would be much easier to distinguish. Maybe we can even create a filter to improve ICR speed?

  • Great idea. Track changes for client reviewers is also high on their wish list. When investigating further, make sure to involve the LOs, as they need efficiency for implementing client corrections as well. Thanks.

  • Excellent idea, Bernd! Heard this from many customers already.