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Project Grouping - for Reporting, Viewing and Approval purposes


I would like to suggest the functionality for a set of Projects (either launched via the Managed Translation interface or from automated content delivery or within the SDL TMS UI) to be grouped into a project Group. This should be possible to do after automated project creation or at the time of creating a single project in ManTra / TMS (adding to a new or previously created project group).

It should then be possible for a work giver to view all projects within a group and view status as well as costing information.

It should be possible for a work giver to approve all projects within a project group in one go and run single project or grouped project reporting.


Kind regards ~ Rachel

  • Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for raising this suggestion.

    Project grouping is indeed an area we are looking to enhance in Managed Translation. Over the next couple of months, we will be extending the Managed Translation API to allow projects to be added to an existing/new group during project creation. Once implemented, this will allow us to build additional functionality through the UI to support the type of functionality you describe.

    I'll be in touch with further information on this in due course.



  • Hi Ian, is my understanding correct that this will be included in ManTra in Q4 based on recent discussions?

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